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View instant tariffs per Kwh by region simply click on the map where you are in the UK, and we will show you our cheapest exclusive tariffs in your area with and without standing charges.

Gas Price Update Change
EA12/01/2015 1.32 %
EM12/01/2015 1.34 %
NE12/01/2015 1.28 %
NO12/01/2015 1.27 %
NT12/01/2015 1.25 %
NW15/11/2014 1.26 %
SC15/11/2014 1.32 %
SE15/11/2014 1.30 %
SO15/11/2014 1.27 %
SW15/11/2014 1.27 %
WM15/11/2014 1.26 %
WN15/11/2014 1.27 %
WS15/11/2014 1.28 %
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Business Gas Prices By Region
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Standing charge
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Updated: March 18, 2019

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As you can see above the UK is divided in to thirteen regions, the prices per Kwh are different in each region. Finding the most competitive gas rates for your business can be time consuming. has made it easy for our customers to find the cheapest business gas prices.

Depending on your consumption and the way you pay for your gas bill prices can be cheaper than what we show above. The most competitive tariffs per Kwh are determined on which region you are in and on your yearly consumption.

Once we have your details we can negotiate with our supplier panel the best rates possible. If you have missed your contract end date and have been tied in to another contract you can join our Contract Renewal reminder service which has thousands of members who are happy they will not get trapped by the roll over clause.

Taking just 60 seconds completing our online quote form saves SMEs on average 45% per annum, with larger gas users saving significantly more. Get a quick, accurate online quote today. Fill out our online quote form above and we will send you an email confirming the best rates we can find for you it does not matter if you are a large medium or small gas user we have some of the cheapest rates available.

If you prefer to talk to our energy team please call: 0208 702 0698.