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Cheaper Commercial Gas Prices

How do you know the prices you are paying for commercial gas are the cheapest tariffs for your business in your area? Get an instant business gas quote online for your business; you could be pleasantly surprised at how much you could save. If you prefer you can call our energy team on 0208 702 0698 who will be happy to help.

Why should be your No1 choice to find the cheapest commercial gas supplier for your business

We are impartial and independent. We search all the main brand suppliers and smaller independent commercial suppliers to. will negotiate the most competitive commercial gas rates for your business in your area. You may not be aware the UK is split up into 23 areas and in each area the gas tariffs are different.See below example of all the different areas in the UK.

Uk Map

As the image above shows the different areas, the different gas tariffs can vary greatly in just a few miles. This is why it is so important to obtain the most competitive business gas tariffs in your area.

Why commercial gas prices vary from area to area

The reason why gas prices differ is because the transportation cost is different in each area. It is these transportation costs that are added to the price of gas making the price you pay per kilowatt hour much higher.

Fixed Rates

The commercial gas market is a very volatile one, which means prices can change on a daily basis. This is why it is important to find the most competitive rates and then fix them for the whole of your contract period, giving you peace of mind knowing what you will be paying during the term of the contract.

Meter Readings

All suppliers have different time frames on when they read meters. We recommend you read your own meter every month, this way you will always pay for what you use. This also reduces the possibility of estimated readings which results in you paying too much or too little.

Understanding your gas bill

Understanding your gas bill can be a nightmare in itself. Always make sure you check your meter readings yourself, as sometimes when you have your meter read it does not always get registered for whatever reason, leaving you thinking that the bill will be correct as you know the meter reader was around last month. You still need to check if the reading is estimated or actual. Also check the tariffs you are paying are the same as the ones you signed up to. The unit cost multiplied by the Kilowatts used should give you an indication where you can make savings in your business.

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