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Business Gas prices, Compare Business gas tariffs

Business Gas Prices is the only independent online gas and electricity price comparison service run by experts for business gas and business electricity customers, you can see by the hour, up to date business electricity and business gas prices per Kwh live on our site, this is because we want to obtain our impartiality by being transparent and ensuring that you get the best commercial gas prices. We are the leading independent online business Electricity and Gas price comparison service that allows you, "the customer" the opportunity of viewing the cheapest business gas tariffs on our site, in situations where you may be a large user then we will get a spot price and in most cases these rates will be cheaper than what is being shown on the site. You do not need to shop around to compare your renewal offer from your current supplier because we do that for you. We will present a summary, displaying the best tariffs on the market with a percentage saving against your renewal offer. Our service is built on honesty and integrity. If you need further help or just need to ask us a quick question, call 0208 702 0698.

Why Switch Supplier?

Customers can recognise which product is the best for them and switch if they want to get a better deal. This in turn encourages Business electricity and business gas companies to compete vigorously to keep hold of customers and attract new ones. It ensures that energy companies cut costs and innovate in order to offer products to meet customer's needs at low prices. If you do not switch supplier, the active switchers progress competition in the market, which in turn benefits all consumers including inactive consumers. In reality however, energy suppliers are unlikely to offer all existing customers the same benefits as new customers. Inactive customers are at risk of becoming a target for price discrimination by the suppliers.

Before you can make the switch?

Make sure that you leave yourself sufficient time to gather the key information before making your preference, as follows:

  1. Confirm the termination conditions of the contract you have with your current supplier.
  2. Gather some key information regarding your premises such as the supply number for Electricity Supply S - Number (also referred to as Meter Point Administration Number or MPAN for short).
  3. Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN for short) for gas together with your company name and address. All of this will be available from your current invoices.

How do I get a business energy quote?

Before asking for quotes from energy suppliers, or issuing a formal tender document, make sure you have as much of the following information as possible for all the premises you wish to transfer:

  • Full address and post code for each commercial property you own or rent.
  • The reference number for the all meter point(s) as shown on a bill(s) from your current supplier (i.e. Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) for gas and Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) or also known as the Supply or number for electricity). You may have more than one meter point for either fuel at your premises; you can check this with your existing supplier if you are unsure.
  • Meter Serial Number(s) “the number printed on your meter(s). If in doubt you can ask your supplier, who could offer arrange a meter reading visit (although this may incur a charge).
  • Your best evaluation of the annual amount of energy used, and the nature of your business/ consumption patterns since different tariffs may apply depending upon seasonal fluctuations or the time day at which you need to use energy. All of the following will be available from your latest bill, or from your current supplier.
  • For businesses which consume a significant amount of electricity, the maximum demand (the largest amount of electricity consumption in any one half-hour period)
  • Where gas consumption is high the Authorised Supply Capacity (the maximum quantity of gas you are permitted to use per day or per hour, as determined by the gas transporter)
  • For very high gas consumption, some premises may be supplied on an interruptible basis (where your gas supply can be interrupted on pre-agreed notice). If you have such a site, it is very important that you provide your new gas supplier with emergency contact details for these premises, in accordance with the Gas Safety Management Regulations.
  • Emergency contact details will also be required for sites consuming over 25k therms. Your new supplier will be able to give you more information about what contact details must be provided.
  • If you qualify for any VAT or Climate Change Levy exemptions or reductions “you will have to provide copies of these forms to your new supplier, and in some cases complete a new VAT declaration.
  • A copy of your last bill, this can be extremely helpful.

Does a supplier need to provide you with a quotation?

The change of energy supplier process should operate smoothly, but you can help by being able to provide accurate information to your supplier, particularly:

  • The amount of energy you use on an annual basis
  • The terms of the contract you have with your existing supplier such termination notices and contract end dates (and metering service provider, referred to as the meter operator, if applicable)
  • Details of the premises you own/occupy, including the supply number/s and any special metering arrangements you have, such as associated meters.
  • Your existing supplier should be able to help you with this information if you do not have it. Usually, any queries you may have about the procedure should be raised with the company facilitating the switch.

How long does it take to switch supplier?

The change of supplier process should take about four to six weeks. Your new and existing supplier will be transferring essential site and metering information between each other, and their metering service providers. In order to help ensure the progression runs smoothly, it is recommended that you do not change meters leading up to a transfer, as this increases the risk of a delay or complications.

What is your Renewal Offer?

Your existing supplier will write to you at some stage prior to the end of your supply contract quoting a renewal price. This is something that you must not ignore as the price will most of the time be much higher than a price another supplier might offer you as a new customer. This unfair tactic is employed by your current supplier in the hope that you will not take any notice of the offer and they can lock you in for a further contract period on very high prices.

What should I do when I receive my Renewal Offer?

As soon as you receive your renewal offer you should compare the rates being quoted with other rates on the market. This might appear to be a lot of work for little money saved, but experience has proved that significant sums of money can be saved if you research the market and obtain competitive offers for your businesses energy.

What should I do if my renewal offer does not arrive?

You should contact your existing energy supplier and ask them for your renewal offer. You would be advised to consider your options and request a renewal from your current supplier 3 months before the end of your current contract period. Do not accept any excuses from your current supplier because they will be able to provide you with a renewal offer at least 3 months before the end of the contract period. Be aware it is not for the energy supplier to remind you that your contract is coming to an end it is for you to remember when the contract ends and what notice is required.

What is a Supply Contract?

This is the binding contract for an exact duration of time between the supplier and the customer. There will be obligations for both parties, however the contract will be slanted in the suppliers favour and this needs to be fully appreciated and understood by the customer before they accept it. Please note that there is no cooling off period for business customers if you enter into a contract with an energy supplier. It is therefore very important that you consider all of your options to make the most informed decision before entering into a contract.

Do I have to have a Supply Contract?

Yes, as a business customer you have to have an energy supply contract in place with a supply company in order to remain connected to the system and receive a supply of gas and electricity.

What is a Contract Termination Notice?

All energy suppliers will require notice of termination. This can be anywhere between 28 days and 3 months. This notice of contract termination will need to be served within the required notice before the end of the contract duration, referred to as the contract expiry or renewal date. You as the client needs to proactively terminate your contract to avoid being rolled over onto prices detailed in the renewal notice sent by the supplier. Please be warned that some suppliers do not have to send a renewal notice before they roll you over onto what are usually much higher rates for another 12 to 24 months - so you need to act NOW!.

If you require any further information or advice terminating your current contract please do not hesitate to contact on 0208 702 0698(local rate).

What is a Contract Period End Date?

This is the date that your current contract period expires. If you are on a fixed price, fixed term contract, the prices detailed in your contract will no longer be available. If you do not sign a new contract with a supplier, you will be placed on what is called a deemed acceptance contract by your current supplier.

What is a Deemed Accepted Contract?

The rates on a deemed accepted contract are considerably higher than contracts of a longer term give that your suppliers buying or trading position will be subjected to short term pricing which is more costly. This contract does not require a signature from you to form the acceptance. This is the last resort contract procedure if you have previously been on a fixed term contract, and a supplier should give you plenty of notice and remind you that it would be in your best interest to sign a longer-term fixed price contract. Please note that a contract termination notice of up to 3 months can still apply on a deemed contract.

What is an Evergreen Contract?

An 'evergreen' or 'roll over' contract will automatically renew if you do not serve the correct termination notice within the time stipulated by your current supplier. Your current supplier will notify you of the rates you are being placed on for the new contract duration, which can be significantly above the market retail price, and the contract termination requirement shortly before contract roll over. However, it firmly rests on your shoulders to serve contract termination notice and allow yourself the luxury of searching the market, get competitive offers and make the right decision in your own time. Please note that you can ask your current supplier for an alternative contract offer as well.

Business Gas Prices - Business Gas UK

Are you coming to the end of an existing business gas contract and received your renewal reminder from your existing gas supplier? Have you cancelled your existing contract? Are you looking for a gas comparison? Do you want to save money by ensuring you have the cheapest business gas prices in the market?

Business Gas Prices simple online quote helps you to compare business gas tariffs and switch suppliers. We offer you free advice on your gas contractual obligations. We will help you choose and compare the right product that meets your needs, at low prices it really couldn't be easy to switch and begin to make savings on your business gas bills.

To save both time and money please click on the button above for an instant gas or electricity online quote, or call us now: 0208 702 0698

An 'evergreen' or 'roll over' contract will automatically renew if you do not serve the correct business gas termination notice within the time stipulated by your current supplier.

Let compare business gas tariffs for your company whether you are small, medium or a large company we get the best available business gas tariffs at the time of your enquiry. We switch hundreds of businesses a week, saving you money and time.

90% of companies fail to act on renewal notices, so gas suppliers roll them over into more expensive contracts. Switched on businesses are looking for the best commercial energy providers. 60% of all energy consumed by businesses is purchased through brokers and agents. We can find accurate and impartial comparisons of gas suppliers based on your needs whether that's green energy or cheap energy savings.

The six largest energy suppliers British Gas, E-ON, Npower, Scottish & Southern Energy, Scottish Power and EDF energy control 96% of the commercial gas market. We source the best commercial gas rates in the market and beat the rates you would find going direct to obtain business gas tariffs. for advice you can trust

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Business Gas Prices manage to save me £1,200 on my business energy bills. The process was so easy to complete Alex arrange everything from finding my MPAN number to arranging the switch over date

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RWE npower announces sale of subsidiaries to Utility Warehouse.

• Deal enhances competition in the domestic energy supply market; Npower Limited will sell Electricity Plus and Gas Plus subsidiaries to Telecom Plus by share sale for £218m• On completion, over 770,000 customer accounts will cease to be included by npower within its reported customer numbers. However, these customers will see no change in their service or contracts, and will continue to be sup

20th November 2013